Cheap Ski Movie Poster
Rating Information
Safe for all ages

Cheap Ski Movie is not rated by any official (and credible) organizations, but here are a few guidelines for viewers:

Anyone can watch this movie. There is no drug use, profanity, frontal nudity, gratuitous nasty stuff or anything else to offend the average viewer. All depictions of alcohol are faked and in context with normal adult behavior at ski resorts.

There are jokes and innuendo intended for adults that will not be understood by children unless you explain it to them - so don't. Young kids will probably be bored and we have no idea what anyone else will think.

Cheap Ski Movie is a comedic parody of the ski film genre, both old school and new. It's a poke by industry icons at themselves and everyone who is skis and rides. This film includes: moronic humor, ridiculous settings, ludicrous action, preposterous scenarios, absurd assumptions, silly outcomes, outlandish behavior, bizarre irony, and unreasonable interactions. It requires a complete suspension of belief and logic.


  1. Don't watch Cheap Ski Movie if you have no sense of humor, bad jokes, or if you can't appreciate a discount attempt at the absurd.
  2. If the only kind of ski movie you like is a "pure" film with top pros skiing the world's most exotic locations you won't like this. The skiers and snowboarders in our film are mostly locals at hometown ski areas who work for a living. They buy lift tickets or work at a ski area and they don't get any "free stuff." Celebrity cameos by athletes and icons are for fun only. Bode Miller didn't really want to be in our movie so don't blame him if you didn't like that segment.
  3. This is not for those who believe that skiing and snowboarding are sophisticated, pure, and elite pastimes to be enjoyed by the privileged and talented.
  4. If you’re offended by the satire of the “Ladies Segment,” tell ski movie companies to quit with the patronizing segments about women bonding and just let them ski. The best action sequence in our film is Caroline Gleich at Brighton. And we can’t help it if Louie thinks that all ladies are HOT!
  5. Don't take everything you see on screen literally. Jonny and Lou are made of cardboard and can't really talk or move. All of this stuff is faked… really.
  6. A lot of Cheap Ski Movie is an inside joke for the ski and snowboard industry. If you don't understand why Warren Miller is in the witness protection program, search the internet to find out why.