Cheap Ski Movie Poster
Here is a collection of musicians and bands that are as fun (and bizarre) as the athletes, celebrities, and locals in our movie. You can make a Cheap Ski Movie with weird images, but you must have good music. Thanks to all!
- Jonny & Lou
Cheap Ski Movie Music Video
"Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat?"
Mad Shadow
  • "Turn me on"
  • "White Lies"
  • "Long Road Blues"
  • "Mad Shadow"
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers
  • "Dawn"
Gossip Grows On Trees
  • "Decisions, Decisions"
  • "Relapse"
American Princes
  • "Son of California"
Ray Lynch & Tom Canning
  • "The Oh of Pleasure"
Lawn Chair Kings
  • "Trailer Park"
  • "Ninety Years"
  • "Toad"
  • "OK"
Hounds of Purg
  • "Snowbike"
Chris Fitz Band
  • "One More Beer"
Filippo Gregoretti
  • "Bumblebee Boogie"
Gentlemen Skiers
  • "Two Boards"
Norbert (Bert) Fischer
  • "Let's Go Skiing Along Together"