Las Vegas, NV - Cheap Ski Movie media appearances

A discount journey to find the real meaning of skiing.

Aspen, CO - On location at the Winter X-Games

Las Vegas, NV - Desperately seeking sponsors

The Story & the Legends
An epic quest to find the real meaning of skiing featuring the greatest ensemble of skiers and snowboarders ever gathered for a major motion picture

A story for the times... hard times

An epic, discount journey to meet people and see places never considered for a corporate ski movie

Our heroes, Jonny and Lou are passionate, dedicated skiers of questionable talent who aspire to cinematic glory. Their dream is to produce a ski and snowboard movie in the genre of the legendary filmmaker, Warren Miller.

The problem is that Jonny and Lou are broke, have no equipment, and zero connections or sponsors. How can they travel and hook up with the big-time pros? Marquee resorts won't even take their calls.

But true spirit can never put on hold by a small detail like poverty. Jonny and Lou will make their movie even if they aren't pros. Their dream will live without major sponsors or connections - even if they can't really be there in person.

Jonny and Lou create life-size, cardboard standups of themselves and send them on a journey across America to make "CHEAP SKI MOVIE." Their images may be fake, but the places, people, and events are REAL - the core, grassroots, heart of skiing and snowboarding. CHEAP SKI MOVIE is about FUN - not money, status, image, or tradition. It's a quest to find the real meaning of skiing.


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